blue ridge mountains with sunlight and haze

Kim Shelor

June 1, 2023

“All you need is faith, family, and Good Samaritan Hospice to get you through anything,” begins Kim Shelor, who has woven Good Sam into the very fabric of her family. Her mother-in-law, Katherine Shelor, and both parents, Jack and Betty Dunn, were each cared for by our staff, and some became like family. Jack, a distinguished veteran and avid fisherman, loved warm days at Smith Mountain Lake, eager to hook the big one. Kim’s mother, Betty, spent days planning their next travel adventures, and no trip was too big or small, as long as they were together.

When Kim speaks of RN Case Manager Sarah Quinlin, grateful tears begin to fall. When an unexpected crisis emerged, Sarah got wind of it on her day off. Kim recalls, “The doorbell rang, and I instantly knew it was—my Sarah—and there she stood at 11pm, arms wide open.” Kim knew Sarah would always be there for her, and the feeling is mutual.

The dedication of Good Sam to honor the individual became apparent as the relationship deepened. Kim’s father was especially touched by receiving his Air Force blanket from Good Sam. Again draped in his service colors and insignia, his soldier heart was proud and his family uplifted.

Kim, a retired nurse and flight attendant with a 38-year career, understands outstanding customer service. Her last day in the air was March 18, 2020, on the brink of the pandemic. She recalls that she was wearing a brand-new uniform that day, and little did she know that the world was changing in the wind beneath her. Emerging from that time as a newly minted retiree, Kim became a Good Samaritan volunteer, specializing in home visits with our patients and endeavors to do still more.

“The doorbell rang, and I instantly knew it was—my Sarah—and there she stood at 11pm, arms wide open."